No, once given access to the space we can perform all services ordered
As long as you would like. Property for sale whether real estate, boats, planes ect…get hosting for up to 6 months included. Any 3D Showcase hosted for over 6 months is charged $25.00 per year.
Yes, we offer monthly plans at discounted rates.
We can mail or email an invoice that can be paid online with a credit card, bank transfer or by check.

We are able to shoot photos in HDR. We also shoot with a wide angle lens.

Simple, we provide a embed code to use on your website or Youtube and a weblink to use on social media.
None. The Showcase can be viewed and played on any smartphone, tablet or PC without any apps or extensions.
Yes, they are easily added to the MLS through the “Virtual Tours” tab or the “Other Tab”

No, our 3D camera shoots in High Dynamic Range “HDR” meaning is captures images in both low and high light and puts them together to create the highest quality image.

Yes, we can scan in 2D 360 degree view (not a 3D walkthrough)
Yes we do, please contact us for specifics
3D gives your prospective purchasers or customers the real sense of being at the physical location. 3D offers the visual detail of doing an actual walkthrough without being on site which can save time and money.