Our focus is to not only give you the highest quality 3D experience, but also provide you with that same quality with our photography. Whether we are shooting high end real estate, a historic landmark, restaurant, or a yacht, we understand that working every element to your advantage is critical. We shoot our photos with a DSLR camera and wide angle lens with the ability to capture high quality HDR photos. Our goal is to leverage our acquired knowledge and experience and translate that into a superior product. Here are some of the considerations we take when shooting:

  • Time of Day

  • Proper Staging

  • Proper Lighting

  • Highlighting Features and Areas of Importance

  • Excluding Features and Areas that are not appealing

  • Weather (For Outside Shots)

  • Focal Points

  • Proper Angle and Alignment

After the shoot has been completed at the site, we then carefully choose the best shots and
apply any edits that may be needed to emphasize the shot.