3D Virtual Tours

We capture your space, your product from every angle by leveraging the power of the best 3D technology available. By using a highly specialized 3D camera that captures images in HDR, we can create a complete digital representation of an environment that is so real and clear it is like being there.

Our spaces go beyond traditional virtual tours and video by giving the user the clearest, most realistic and dimensionally accurate experience.

The connection that Nova Via Media creates between your space and the viewer is not only real, but is also fully interactive. To accomplish this, we build what is called a “3D Showcase” of your space.

The 3D Showcase offers the viewer 3 different unique perspectives of any space.

Our first enhanced view begins with the “Doll House”. This perspective is a bird’s eye view allowing the user to see the structure as a whole, without any obstructions or hindrances. The Doll House view offers a chance to look at the space in a form that is not available on site or in person.

The next enhanced view is the “Floorplan”. This perspective offers the viewer a real-life blueprint by viewing the floorplan from overhead. Better than a drawing of a space, this shows all the elements of each room as they actually are in relation to each other, with accurate dimensions and perspective.

Finally, and most importantly the “Inside View”. This view allows you to experience the space as if you are really there. In this interactive view, the user can conduct a self-guided tour of the space whether on a computer or mobile device. This view gives you every detail of the space; not only is it visually stunning, but dimensionally and measurably accurate.

An enhancement that we offer with these views is the ability to show or highlight an object or design feature with what are called “Tags”. When a tag is clicked on, a window of information opens up giving the desired highlights. The tags are great because you have the ability to explain a concept or highlight a feature while the consumer is within the tour or any of the enhanced views. All of the enhanced views work together to set your property apart and give the consumer the information they are wanting.

This view allows you to explore the space as a whole by giving you the perspective of looking at the entire model without any walls, ceilings or hindrances.

The next view that we build is the “Floorplan View”. This gives you the perspective of looking down on the space as if looking at a floorplan.

Then we build the “Inside View”. This view allows you to experience the space is if you are really there. You are able to control your tour of the space with ease, whether on your smartphone or at your computer. This view gives you every detail of the space; not only visually stunning, but dimensionally and measurably accurate.

As a bonus we are able to highlight any feature or benefit of your space or product with what are called “Tags”. This allows you while walking through the tour, click on a “Tag” and the desired text will appear highlighting the feature as if it where a separate advertisement. Tags can be viewed in any of the 3 views that are built.

One of the benefits of this new technology is once you make the appointment for the shoot and we are given access to the space, there is nothing else you need to do.

There is no special lighting or staging that is required to build your 3D Showcase.

Our trained expert will simply set up the camera on a tripod and start what is called “Scanning”.

Each scan takes about 30 seconds to complete as the 3D HDR camera rotates 360 degrees while capturing every detail of the space. Once a scan is complete the camera is quickly moved to the next area to scan, which is done in 4 foot increments.

A typical 1500 square foot area takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete all scans.

Immediately after the space has been scanned we then send all the information that the camera has captured to a powerful cloud based system to process all the data to build the 3D
Showcase of your space.

We then deliver the finished product to you via a “weblink” to share on social media and an “imbed code” to add to your website or Youtube. If photos have been ordered, we professionally shoot them directly before or after the scans have been completed in order to ensure the highest quality product.